ineedu, Entering, Living Room and Between


ineedu: In these long exposure portraits with pinhole camera, the subjects performance is recorded and depicts them between absence and presence. It is no longer the resemblance that is important but the reference that takes precedent.

Entering, Living Room and Between: In this series of three works each showing a separate event, I photographed my mother with a number of pinhole cameras firing simultaneously. The battery of cameras enforces, through multiplication of the photographic record, a memory of the event. I wished to go against to my mother’s state of memory loss by creating this repetition of image. Contrarily, her motion in the still image erased aspects of the event and caused a loss of representation. My intention as photographer and daughter is to fight against her memory loss. The subject, my mother through motion erases her own image in the photograph. In this work memory and loss co-exist.

Lisa Byrne 2007


Also see Footnote in Reference the RCA Photography Catalogue 2007 and Statement in The Great Exhibition RCA Catalogue 2007. These publications show my considerations during the making of these works.