Lone, Late Night Walks

Police signage indicating nefarious activity, pose the background to these locations. The photographs were taken in Belfast and London.

These photographs are all taken using hand held exposures of between 1 sec to 8 sec thus reflecting my experience and the experience of the subject, on film. With the expectation of threat, as I stood alone in these ill reputed areas, my gesture exposes itself as vibration upon the subject, the location. The exposure time creates, through gesture, fusion between outside and inside. Within this single image extended time is held and vibration is visible, by contradiction, within the still image.

These pieces feature a juxtaposition of duality through subject, content and composition. I have taken the images, as the title suggests, alone, in locations left desolate at night. The intention of the work addresses the way we fit into the world through our psychological development, raising issues about vulnerability not only implicated by the environment we inhabit, but by our necessity to occupy these spaces.

I have photographed public spaces as a metaphor for psychological states, identifying elements of susceptibility and isolation. The work looks at the conflict between urban beauty and the dangers that lurk behind or within this setting. The implication of the urban setting on the body is reflected through a medium, which has a direct capacity to expose that experience in the single image. In this way the medium has an inherent manifestation within the intention of the work.


Lisa Byrne