Taxi III - Stand up and Cry Like a Man selected by YouTube Play from over 23 000 videos entries.

The first Biennial of Creative Video at the Guggenheim YouTube Play was developed by YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum, in collaboration with HP and Intel. The aim of the collaboration was to recognise the ever expanding realm of digital art and its remarkable practitioners. The final 25 videos and their creators, selected by the Jury from over 23 000, were celebrated in exhibition at the Guggenheim.

Through bombardment and repetition stories are told by taxi drivers of their experience of surviving paramilitary attack during the 80s and 90s in Northern Ireland. The work relies on the past to point to the future of current violence by depicting the scars that still penetrate today. The Psychological repercussions of the 'Troubles' has left its legacy on the Northern Irish people.

New York Times   (excerpt from the arts section 22 October 2010)

NYTimes 22.10.2010

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Profile of Lisa shown at YouTube Play live from the Guggenheim

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